Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s watch collection is estimated to have a total worth of a bit over 4 million GBP. His most prized possessions include highly sought after timepieces from Patek Philippe. He also once owned a Ref. 5970P with a perpetual calendar in his collection. However it ultimately disappeared under, what can only be described as, mysterious circumstances (it’s Charlie Sheen after all folks, who knows really). The total worth of this perpetual calendar watch: nearly 100.000 GBP.

A Patek Philippe with a moon phase display (Ref. 2438J) as well a Rolex Yacht-Master in platinum also hold respectable positions in this Hollywood actor’s watch repository. While the football player George Best is well-known for having given out the better half of his fortune for women and cars, he “squandered” the other half in best excess fashion. If cars could be replaced by watches, then this quote could have easily come from The Sheen.

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