John Mayer

John Mayer’s appreciation for the beautiful things in life is reflected in his passion for acquiring luxury timekeepers, which first began with a Rolex Explorer. He slowly expanded upon it with choice pieces that reflected the refined tastes of a serious watch collector. His collection also includes multiple timekeepers from Patek Philippe e.g. an elaborate chronograph and perpetual calendar combo as well as a Ref. 5396G (one from a 100 limited piece edition).

If rumour mongering is to be believed, then Mayer’s substantial watch amassment has a total worth measuring in the multi-millions. It’s not surprising that the following list of Mayer’s collection is more than likely nowhere near complete: Rolex Explorer II, Patek Philippe 5396G L.E., Patek Philippe 5164 “Travel Timer”, Patek Philippe 5970, Rolex 6263 “Paul Newman” Daytona with a black dial, Rolex GMT with a blue-black bezel, IWC Big Pilot Reference 5002, a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5970, as well as some Vintage Submariners.

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